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Factfile updates:
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_15Jan - Switzerland (Ma) - Swiss Global Air Lines
_15Jan - Turkey (Le) - Turkish Airlines +VE
_15Jan - Switzerland (Re) - Adria Airways Switzerland (by Darwin Airline) (Closed) -VE
_15Jan - Netherlands (Le) - KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) +VE
_15Jan - Norway (Ma) - Norwegian +VE
_15Jan - Denmark (Le) - SAS Scandinavian Airlines
_15Jan - UK (Re) - Loganair +VE
_15Jan - Austria (Ma) - Austrian +VE
_15Jan - UK (Ma) - easyJet +VE
_15Jan - Latvia (Ch) - Smartlynx +VE
_15Jan - Spain (Ma) - Iberia L.A.E +VE
_15Jan - Germany (Ch) - Germania +VE
_15Jan - Germany (Ca) - European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH +VE
_15Jan - UK (Ma) - Flybe (Jet) +VE
_15Jan - UK (Ch) - TUI Airways +VE
_15Jan - Germany (Fr) - Air Hamburg
_15Jan - Slovenia (Ma) - Adria Airways +VE
_15Jan - UK (Re) - Eastern Airways +VE
_15Jan - Sweden (Le) - SAS - Scandinavian Airline System +VE
_15Jan - UK (Le) - Virgin Atlantic +VE
_15Jan - Estonia (Ma) - Nordica +VE
_15Jan - Belgium (Fr) - ASL +VE
_15Jan - UK (Le) - British Airways +VE
_15Jan - Germany (Ch) - SunExpress Deutschland GmbH +VE
_15Jan - Germany (Ch) - Azurair GmbH -VE
_15Jan - UK (Re) - Scenic Air Tours +VE
_15Jan - Denmark (Ch) - Jet Time +VE
_15Jan - Spain (Ch) - Swiftair +VE
_15Jan - Germany (Re) - LGW Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH +VE
_15Jan - Belgium (Ma) - TUI (Belgium) +VE
_15Jan - UK (Re) - CAE (Flight School) +VE
_15Jan - Belgium (Ma) - Brussels Airlines +VE
_15Jan - Sweden (Ch) - TUIfly Nordic N
_15Jan - Spain (Ma) - Vueling +VE
_15Jan - Denmark (Ch) - Primera Air +VE
_15Jan - Netherlands (Ch) - TUIfly (TUI Airlines Netherlands) +VE
_15Jan - Germany (Ch) - TUIfly +VE
_15Jan - UK (Ma) - Flybe (Turboprop) +VE
_15Jan - Turkey (Ma) - SunExpress +VE
_15Jan - Luxembourg (Ca) - Cargolux +VE
_15Jan - Slovenia (Re) - VLM Airlines Slovenia +VE
_15Jan - Ireland (Ma) - Ryanair +VE
_15Jan - Hungary (Ma) - Wizz Air +VE
_15Jan - Ireland (Re) - CityJet
_8Jan - Azerbaijan (Ca) - Silkway West Airlines
_8Jan - UK (Ma) - BA Cityflyer +VE
_8Jan - Germany (Ch) - Avanti Air
_8Jan - Switzerland (Re) - Zimex Aviation
_8Jan - UK (Fr) - Catreus +VE
_8Jan - UK (Ma) - Jet2.com

All factfiles (71)
Factfile updates: [more updates]
_15Jan - Ethiopia (Ma) jobs - Ethiopian Airlines +VE
_8Jan - Tunisia (Ch) jobs - Nouvelair Tunisie +VE
_31Dec - Morocco (Ma) jobs - Royal Air Maroc +VE
_31Dec - South Africa (Ma) jobs - FlySafair +VE
_31Dec - Egypt (Ma) jobs - Egypt Air
_12Dec - Namibia (Ma) jobs - Air Namibia +VE
_20Nov - Morocco (Ma) jobs - Air Arabia Maroc +VE
_18Sep - Congo (Re) jobs - Air Fast Congo +VE
_6Sep - Congo (Ma) jobs - Ecair (Closed) -VE
_17Jul - Tanzania (Ma) jobs - Fastjet +VE
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Factfile updates: [more updates]
_15Jan - Singapore (Ma) - Scoot
_15Jan - Hong Kong (Ma) - Hong Kong Airlines +VE
_15Jan - China (Ca) - Cargolux JV China N
_15Jan - South Korea (Le) - Korean Air +VE
_8Jan - China (Ma) - Hainan Airlines +VE
_8Jan - Kazakhstan (Ma) - Air Astana +VE
_8Jan - Hong Kong (Le) - Cathay Dragon +VE
_31Dec - Hong Kong (Ma) - Cathay Dragon +VE
_31Dec - China (Ma) - Xiamen Airlines +VE
_31Dec - Hong Kong (Ca) - Air Hong Kong +VE
All factfiles (35)
Factfile updates:
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_31Dec - French Polynesia (Re) - Air Tahiti +VE
_31Dec - New Caledonia (Re) - Air Caledonie
_28Aug - New Caledonia (Ma) - Aircalin
_28Jun - New Zealand (Ma) - Jet Connect
_28Jun - New Zealand (Ma) - Jetstar New Zealand
_19Jun - Australia (Ma) - Alliance Airlines +VE
_12Jun - Australia (Ma) - Tiger +VE
_27Dec - Australia (Re) - Virgin Australia Regional Airlines
_13Jun - Australia (Ch) - Cobham Aviation Services Australia +VE
_23May - Australia (Le) - Qantas +VE
Latin America
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Factfile updates: [more updates]
_15Jan - Brazil (Ma) - Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras +VE
_8Jan - Guadeloupe (Re) - Air Antilles Express +VE
_30Oct - Brazil (Ma) - Azul +VE
_9Oct - Argentina (Ma) - Aerolineas Argentinas +VE
_9Oct - Colombia (Ma) - Avianca +VE
_9Aug - Puerto Rico (Re) - Air Flamenco +VE
_10Jul - Brazil (Le) - Latam Airlines +VE
_28Jun - Curacao (Ma) - Insel Air International -VE
_22May - Chile (Ma) - LAN AIRLINES (Chile)
_15May - Brazil (Ma) - BRA +VE
Middle East
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Factfile updates:
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_15Jan - Oman (Ma) - Oman Air +VE
_15Jan - United Arab Emirates (Le) - Emirates +VE
_15Jan - Qatar (Le) - Qatar Airways +VE
_15Jan - United Arab Emirates (Ma) - flydubai +VE
_8Jan - United Arab Emirates (Ma) - Etihad Airways +VE
_8Jan - Lebanon (Ma) - Middle East Airlines - Air Liban +VE
_12Dec - Dubai (Fr) - Execujet Middle East +VE
_27Nov - Saudi Arabia (Ma) - Saudia Arabia Airlines +VE
_20Nov - Qatar (Fr) - Qatar Executive +VE
_30Oct - Saudi Arabia (Ma) - FlyNas +VE

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N = Neutral pilot recruitment news

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(Le) = Legacy (Ma) = Major / National / Low Cost (Re) = Regional






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